Sometimes, in order to guarantee the smooth functioning of our website, we install small text files called “cookies” on your device. Most major websites use cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored on your computer's browser directory or program data subfolders when you use your browser to visit a website. Cookies make it possible to memorize the display preference of your browser (for example your login, the language your are using, display settings, ...) in order to do not have to re-enter the same informations each time you visit our website.

Why we use cookies?

The cookies we use on this website are only used to allow a good visualization of contents, to manage your favourites and to save your choice when we asked you if you accept these cookies or not.

Third party cookies can derive from interactive maps or videos among the different pages of the site.

The services we use:

Google Maps (Google Inc.)
Youtube (Google Inc.)
Processing location: USA -

The only exception is the Google Analytics service which reveals data on the user visits on the website; on our website, these data we use only contain anonymous information and do not contain personal information.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Processing location: USA -

How to manage cookies?

You can control and/or check the cookies as you please - Visit for more information. You can remove the cookies already present on your computer and configure your browser in order to block the installation of it. If you choose this option, this can have a negative impact on the usability of the website, you will have to modify manually some element each time you visit our website and few services or functions could be not available.

User acceptance of cookies

If you decide to continue to browse on this website out of this information page, even if you simply scroll a page, we will consider that you implicitly accepted the presence of cookies and the use that the website makes of them, as explained above.