Electric Team is design. production. improvement.

About Us

Electric Team was born in Lucca (Italy) in 1993 as a company installing electrical, electronic, civil and industrial plants.

Over time, due to the multitude of requests from converting paper plants, Electric Team is increasingly specialized in the automation of cellulose processing machinery.

By evaluating the requirements arising from the various requests, in addition to electrical and electronic assistance, Electric Team has equipped with appropriate working tools and specialized technicians to support a complete and satisfactory service, consisting of oven painting, mechanical, electrical
and pneumatic modifications and revisions, to be carried out on various types of machinery from the rewinder to the packaging, through the various stages of paper processing.

  • Mariano Gaddini Executive Sales Manager
  • Fabio Gaddini Technical Manager
  • Silvana Accardo Purchasing Manager
  • Luca Gherardini Production Manager